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Wasatch Pediatrics Business Office

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Hours   Monday thru Thursday 8 am to 5 pm
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  • To better serve you and to ensure proper billing we ask that you bring your insurance card with you to each and every visit.

  • Be prepared to pay your copay.  A fee will be charged to you for any copays not paid at the time of service. 

  • Be familiar with your insurance policy.  We recommend you verify with your insurance company any benefits or exclusions of your policy so you don’t get caught with unexpected and/or large expenses.  If you have any questions, please contact your insurance directly. 

  • If there is a balance owing on your account, we will send a monthly billing statement detailing the outstanding balance. You are encouraged to review the information carefully and compare it with your explanation of benefits from your insurance company.  If you have any questions regarding the balance that your insurance is requiring you to pay, please contact your insurance directly.

Accepted Insurances:

Most of our physicians participate with the plans and payers listed below.  If you have any questions regarding plan participation or if a doctor is accepted on your plan, please contact your insurance company.  This is especially important if you are covered under a policy from the Insurance Exchange or a Marketplace policy.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Educators Mutual
First Health
Great West
Health Choice
Select Community Care
Select Health
United Healthcare

Outstanding Patient Balances

Wasatch Pediatrics, Inc. reserves the right to request payment for outstanding balances. If the account is not paid in full or satisfactory arrangements made within a reasonable time frame, we reserve the right to refer the account to an attorney and/or a collection agency for collection of the balance. If collection is necessary, the responsible party will be required to pay attorney, collection agency, and/or court costs up to 40% of the amount owing.

We do offer several payment plan options to assist you with paying off your balance.  Payment arrangements are best made by contacting our Business Office by phone or email.