Behavioral Health

We believe care is ALL BETTER when it addresses all aspects of a child’s health.  At Wasatch Pediatrics, our integrated approach helps treat both the body and mind for your child’s optimal well-being.

That’s why we have an in-house team of multidisciplinary professionals, including therapists, pediatricians, and mental health specialists to help you.  Your pediatrician will work closely with you and your child to help lead your child’s care team and find the solutions & support you need.



Assessment and evaluation of behavioral and mental health concerns, treatment planning, and resource & referral information

Brief Intervention

Behavioral health support offered during regularly scheduled Well Child Checkups, including behavioral health screenings, resources, and personalized referrals


Brief therapy for sleep concerns, sibling fighting, parenting support, back-to-school, environmental change, bereavement, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or significant mental health concerns

Medication Management

Medications for behavioral and mental health disorders provided by your pediatrician – in some cases, a psychiatric nurse practitioner or physician assistant, or in consultation with pediatric psychiatrists

We Can Help

Our behavioral health services are for established patients only.  If you are interested in transitioning your child’s pediatric care to Wasatch Pediatrics, please call us to schedule a Well Child Checkup first.

Speak with your pediatrician to determine if the following may be helpful to your child:

  • Assessment of needs
  • Psychological testing
  • Teaching skills to overcome challenges
  • Support with behavior changes
  • Providing referrals to appropriate level of care
  • Providing community resources
  • Coordination of Care
  • Short-term scheduled therapy (1-6 sessions)
  • Medication management
  • Psychiatric Collaborative Care Management Program (varies by clinic)